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Blogs for:Ganassa
Since this is a busy month, i decided to upload in the usual Mega folder something nice.
If you support me last month you will received the link for the December Reward and you will find the lineart of the Sophitia X Cassandra NSFW Reward!
This is a real busy month, but i'm finishing the stuff!
  • Posted:2019-01-12 19:45:19

I have just uploaded in the November Rewards folder of Mega the adult fan art of Elizabeth Caledonia "Calamity" Ashe!

This picture will have some variation that will remain a Patrons-only exclusive.

The public low res version of this picture will be uploaded next year!

Thanks for your support and check out my Patreon page!
  • Posted:2018-12-30 22:05:54
If you are one of my 5 $ / 10 $ patrons, you should have received in your message inbox here on Patreon the link to the Mega folder. Inside the "November Rewards" folder you will find the SFW part of Ashe fan arts, included the "Lingerie Variation", the winner of the previous Character Poll.

Hope you're gonna like it! Thanks for your support!
Ps: I'm working on the next page of Naughty Ela H Comics and the NSFW/Adult part of Ashe fan art. More information will be delivered soon!
  • Posted:2018-12-26 13:37:44

Finally the SFW fan art of Soul Calibur VI Taki is online on my Mega folder! 

The link to the folder was already sent to the processed payment this first November.

You'll find both picture (base + variation) inside the "October Reward folder.

Now i'm finishing the NSFW part of Taki! ;)

Check out my Patreon page!


  • Posted:2018-11-28 17:27:41

Ok, guys, this is the new Patreon poll of this month.

This time i will not ask you which character will get an adult fan art! This time i will ask you what will happens to a specific character, in this case Taki from Soul Calibur VI!

What will happens to Taki? You can choose from

  • Posted:2018-10-21 17:02:35