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The Riders: Avatar of Famine

-Doesn't go by many alias' like War, but most often responds to the name 'Pazuzu'

-Appears to be terribly malnourished; imagine a holocaust victim with shriveled skin and clearly visible bones

-Always hungry, but never able to satisfy his appetite

-His stomach is hollowed out, and can emit locusts in large numbers from deep inside

-Rides a skinned, rotting horse with a bare skull except for white, dead eyes


Responsible for personal, collective despair, thru acts as simple as suicide to mass suffering like natural disasters. Can sometimes combine the two together for added strength. Spirits that die in a state of despair will often be drawn to other living, depressed beings and try to coax then to join the afterworld.

  • Posted:2012-06-06 03:06:56
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