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The Riders: Avatar of Pestilence

-Androgynous in appearance, prefers to seduce others than fight head on...unless provoked

-The only one of the Riders to wear different clothing, both male and female

-When provoked, can transfoms his/her hands into clawlike talon that, when striking, can exude a toxin ranging from a Cobra's biotoxin the the HIV virus

-When not making humans sick him/herself, prefers to use insects like mosquitos or bees to infect larger areas

-Drives a 'variety' of vehicles, but the same common factor is it's always black, has a hood ornament of a woman being squeezed by a snake, and always seems to draw attention by it's exotic look


Prefers to affect mankind with a variety of diseases, from Influenza to smallpox, the common cold to HIV. He/she revels in seducing unsuspecting victims for a night ( or day ) of pleasure and contaminating them with his horrible diseases. Spirits that have died in such a manner tend to linger and suffer in the area they died near, making the living sick and weak in their pressense

  • Posted:2012-06-06 03:26:36
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